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They bind us to memories that span generations. But the scent of spawning bluegill pulled her presence into the boat as if she were sitting in the bow seat. A bluegill is brutally strong for its size, making for great sport. Bluegill, like their aquatic cousin the largemouth bass and 25 other kindred species, are members of the sunfish family.

They are found across most the United States, Mexico and southern Canada, and have been introduced to waters in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. And they are relatively easy to catch, particularly in spring and summer during the spawn. A bluegill spawning bed can contain 50 or more nests. These are roundish areas fanned out by males on a relatively firm, smooth bottom. Presented with bait they will usually strike.

While spawning bluegill are found in bunches, they are not inextinguishable, cautions Billy Blakley. He is the head guide at Blue Bank Resort on Reelfoot Lake, a bluegill lodestone folded into the northwest corner of Tennessee. When fishing a spawning bed, Blakley only puts male bluegill on ice. Males typically are darker than females and have an orangish colored breast.

It will dry the bed up. There was the guy in the U. They called the aquarium and, sure enough, it was missing a big bass. People have been caught buying fish off of noncompetitors on the lake during an event, or sharing fish between colluding teams. There are a lot of ways to sneak a big fish into a tournament and act like you just caught it. But what does a person do when they find themselves just a few ounces shy, mere minutes from maybe the most important weigh-in of their life? What would a heretofore honest person do if he were convinced — in the fog of degree heat — that he was face-to-face with his own ruin?

What would he do if he were desperate enough to make a Robert Johnson—esque deal with the devil to make that weight up just this one time, that weight he caught fair and square anyway? Hart looked in his tackle box and saw a handful of knockers, the little torpedo-shaped weights he used to slide down his line and knock lures off of branches or whatever they were stuck on underwater.

He thought, This could be enough weight. In a panic, he picked up the first dead fish and held open its mouth. He dropped the knocker down the hole. Everything changed for Hart in that moment. And according to WON Bass, when Hart showed up the following day to weigh in five more fish, there were knockers in those fish as well. He received a lifetime ban from fishing in WON Bass events, and all of his many titles over the years were wiped from the record books. The story was national news, and shortly after it broke, he was let go from the job at the print shop he had held for 25 years, which Hart attributes to the attention from his cheating.

His wife, Yolanda, was laid off from her own job soon after that. Death threats against him were posted on fishing message boards. Every partner he had ever fished with was brought under scrutiny, some forced to submit to polygraph exams to keep their titles and records. He and his wife have avoided Castaic after hearing that friends of theirs were harassed out on the lake for standing by them. Now the couple rarely fish at all, and never on public lakes. They just finished short-selling their home. Today, Hart cleans pools for a living. When he spoke to me for this article, he was in the process of selling his Ranger Comanche Z bass boat.

He had been out on it only four times in the past four years.

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Open, that every record he set and his more than tournament wins before the open were legitimate. He says he deserves what he got. Maybe even worse, he says. Because WON Bass confronted him and disqualified him before actually weighing his fish and awarding him any prize money, Hart says it missed an opportunity to charge him with a more serious crime.

Because he was caught cheating, yes. But also because he thought he was ready for the next level of competition, and he was wrong. But I did it to myself. I live the misery every day. District Court to conspiracy to defraud and were sent to prison for the maximum term of five years for their roles in cheating fishing tournaments in Texas and Louisiana.

He said it was his competitive nature that compelled him to cheat. Terry Isam served six months in prison for cheating in the Tyler Roadrunner Bass Tournament after his plea agreement with the U. After that, he was in and out of jail for the next couple of years. He had a long rap sheet at the Gregg County Courthouse, including drug possession charges, but some wondered if his fears of retribution had come true.

Oris Davis refuses to accept that his son committed suicide. Do any of these fish have lead in their bellies?

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Did anyone sneak a fish in a basket? There was no way to know. This was largely a fraternity of men who knew and trusted each other. Each team waited its turn to pile its haul of fish on the digital scale in a patch of grass near the boat ramp. Someone from The Bass Federation recorded the weights from the big LED scoreboard into a notebook, working through the long line of anglers methodically, professionally, clinically.

After each team weighed its fish, the members would walk back down the boat ramp and pour the bag of bass out into the lake to swim free. After a while, I noticed the seagulls and fish crows gathering in the treetops above us. I looked down the hill at the lake below and saw Louis Hacaj standing on the embankment. He was watching a fish flopping around in the water on its side, having recently been released by another fisherman.

The fish had floated too far from shore to reach. The birds gathering above were just waiting for it to finish flopping, to signal that it had given up, before they swooped in for the kill.

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Hacaj waded out into the freezing lake, soaking his clothes, and came back with the bloated fish in his hands. Just listen and you can hear the air come in. Then — a hiss.

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Polygraphs are commonly used in bass fishing tournaments as a deterrent to cheating. Typically, anyone who wins money is subjected to a polygraph test to determine if he or she actually caught the fish that was turned in. Occasionally, a random contestant will also be polygraphed. The tests are usually administered by local law enforcement. As a kid, he combined his love of archery and fishing by shooting carp at Big Bear Lake with a bow and arrow.

He taught himself how to adjust his aim to make up for the refraction in the water.

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They may flash with tinsel and tawdry attire; they may strike with the brute force of a blacksmith, or exhibit the dexterity of a prize-fighter, but their low breeding and vulgar quality cannot be mistaken. Their haunts, their very food and manner of eating, betray their grossness. Presidents Lake has hosted both the junior and the elder Presidents Bush and many of the best bass fishermen in history.

Today, BASS has more than a half million members. It publishes the magazine Bassmaster and produces a weekly syndicated television program, Bassmasters , and the championship event of its tournament series, the Bassmaster Classic, is widely considered to be the Super Bowl of bass fishing. It publishes a weekly hunting and fishing publication and sponsors a number of tournaments, the largest of which is the U. A livewell is a compartment in a bass boat in which to store fish and keep them alive. Water is pumped in the livewell from beneath the boat — the temperature is controlled and the fish inside are aerated.

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From to , Scott and BASS filed more than lawsuits against various companies, claiming they were violating the Refuse Act by dumping waste into rivers, lakes, and streams. Scott appeared regularly on national television to speak out in support of clean water and to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to shame polluters. He won the respect of many of the old-school, hoity-toity outdoors groups. When a member of the Federation of Fly Fishermen heard Scott speak at the meeting of the Outdoor Writers Association of America about the responsibility of hunters and anglers to work for conservation, he invited Scott to the conclave.

David Hill lives in Brooklyn. He writes sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater.

Drop Shot for Deep Summertime Bass with Mark Davis

Pro bass fly fishing requires gear and equipment that will aide the fisher to a more productive and fruitful fishing. There is gear that is widely used and there are also some that are especially used by pro bass fishers. It is more important that the beginning fisherman learn how to use the rod, and become comfortable with it before moving on to more complex pieces of equipment. Pro bass fishing gives not only relaxation and much of enjoyment, but it also give way to amateur fishers to prove to themselves that they have the talents in fishing because of the challenges being offered by the sport.

The sport offers far more than just fishing, it also provides things that are with nature. In fishing, the enthusiast used to learn how to love the environment because of the settings and locations of the activities which are always enhanced by the beauty of nature. Pro bass fishing not only entertains, it also provides a whole new world of adventures. Bass fishing is an adventure many fishermen are all too willing to experience.

The search for the ultimate bass fishing location is a never ending quest for many fishermen counting the many facets that can qualify it as the best or as close as it could ever get to perfection. Here are some of the best locations where you can take your bass fishing trips with your friends or family.

Test the waters of Arizona for some of the best trout and bass fishing around. The lakes of Arizona offer some of the best bass fishing found anywhere in the southwest. With four incredible lakes to choose from, there is a fishing trip suited for every condition, season and skill level. If you arrange tours available online, you will be guided by an expert not just on fishing, but on the flora and fauna of the desert, as well as the native history of the area. Everglades fishing is very diverse, from shallow country grass flats to the outside islands and canal systems.

This fishing is done with fast moving baits, top water plugs, big worms, spoons and buzz baits. Plastic worms sometimes do as well. The Florida everglades hold the record of highest number of fish caught per person per hour of any fishery state! Regarded as the worlds best bass fishing area is Brazil. The many flora and fauna in the vast regions of Brazil offer a unique fishing trip experience for any person. Bask in the many splendors the environment offers. Of course, it is the bass fishing that stands out for any bass fisherman. Spend countless relaxing hours in the calm waters while also spending ample time absorbing the culture and great food aside from your catches Brazil has to offer.

Surrounded by lush mountains for breathtaking scenery, a bass fishing trip with friends and family is a worthwhile adventure you will not forget. First class accommodations are surrounding the area with newly built lodges to provide a comfortable lodging for all. Relaxing times and great food are among its many attractions but the bass fishing is still its top allure! Stocked with Florida Largemouth bass, Lake Baccarac is bestowed with the largest number of huge 10 pounder and above bass fishes one can catch in a single bass fishing trip.

With an area of 25 miles long and 5 miles wide, there is enough space for a plethora of fishermen. Surrounded by fresh mountains with the scent of that fresh mountain air, this is a haven for many bass fishermen. Lodging and accommodations are all around with the latest comforts and amenities one could wish for. With its great weather and great people, its lakes are regarded a notch higher above the rest.

Bass fishing is hardly just a hobby for many Texans. It has become a passion and many other fishermen from all over the world trek Texas for a fantastic Bass fishing trip. So the next time you embark on a bass fishing trip, try to visit some of the locations mentioned above and you will surely have the time of your life.

Its you, your gear and a bass! Life just cant be better than this for an avid bass fisherman. Many men have found bass fishing to be quite a relaxing experience. Although the bass has been known to be quite a fighter and a. Many men and women have come back from a bass fishing expedition feeling light and perky even though they have been outdoors the whole time.

The strenuous activity seems to recharge their bodies. The popularity bass fishing has garnered over the years has grown to an all time high with more and more people discovering its joys. Some though are reluctant to start because they have not got a single idea on what to do. Here are some tips to get you started and secrets to act like an experienced professional bass fisherman. There are many types of baits used to catch bass, some work much better than others.

Artificial baits have been known to catch quite a few bass but many believe live bait works best. Bass respond well to many forms of live bait but often action can be faster than with lures. You can also use cutup bait fish, such as a Sardines, Anchovies and even Crawdads work very well.

Lures are artificial baits used to attract and entice fish to bite to eat or bite to move it away from its nest. Artificial baits are made of just about anything possible from plastics, metals, wood and even feathers. They are made to look and or move like anything the fish would consider eating. There are a wide variety of Soft Plastics baits used for catching bass.

Many are made to float, some are made with salt and some are made to hold different types of scents. Spinner baits are one of the most versatile lures used to catch bass. They can be used many ways and in many different conditions. Spinner Baits or Blades as some are known to call them, can be fished fast or slow, deep or shallow. Many fisherman love to fish with Jigs. The Jig is a bait that consistently catches quality bass. And many fisherman love to fish with Spoons. Spoons have been around for more than 50 years. The kitchen spoon was used during the depression as a simple replacement lure.

Knowing where to locate bass can be a challenge to most anglers because of so many different factors that need to be determined. Water clarity, water temperatures, seasonal patterns, water depth, reading a map and weather. Also water levels are very important, are they raising, lowering or staying stable? Areas holding bass are key areas to fish.

Areas that usually have bass are areas of vegetation, shallow water close to deep water, points, secondary points, backs of coves, ledges, drop offs, and islands. Also different types of structures like rocks, sand, boulders, ramps and docks. If you catch a fish. Stay there and fish more after you have removed the hook.

Fish will follow the fish on your line and try to steal the bait. Especially if it is white bass you can sometimes catch two at a time with crappie and perch if you have a double rig. Worms usually work well during light to heavy over cast skies and spinners usually work better when there is a breeze or in windy conditions that make a ripple on the water surface. When you set the hook, try to keep your line tight and maybe even give it another hook set.