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Emotions are internal and specific to who we are and need to be acknowledged.

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If they are not taken into account, they can make us sick, causing a range of symptoms from migraine headaches to psychogenic seizures. By contrast, feelings are reactions to external events and may need to be filtered before they are expressed in daily life. A patient in my practice, Ms. Over the years, the relationship became increasingly toxic, causing her to have migraine headaches and suicidal thoughts. She began therapy and connected the stimulus the toxic relationship with her response suicidal thoughts.

She had repressed her emotional need for a loving relationship, turning her anger against herself.

Acknowledging her sadness allowed her to move on to a more gratifying and intimate relationship. By contrast, Mr. A highly intelligent person, he had to learn to curtail his frustration and anger at work when others failed to meet his expectations to perform at his level.

Conclusion: Acknowledging sadness as a key emotion allows us to process life changes. Distinguishing between emotions and feelings is a guide to maintaining the balance of social adjustment and physical and mental health. If you -- or someone you know -- need help, please call for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you are outside of the U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.


Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Wellness. All rights reserved. Now back to emotions versus feelings. The distinction is important.

Inside Out Director Pete Docter's First Disney Job

I learnt that everyone's path is different and I loved listening to other peoples stories about what they have learnt about the music industry and finding the parts that inspired me, but knowing that everyone has worked hard to get to where they are today. I am yet to put the two together in my own practise as I have recently just graduated, but I look forward to experimenting and diving head first in this new found love of mine!

I would say, "You're going to learn that there's so much to learn, and it's going to excite you, but you'll love every moment of working with these folk who also love the same things you do, and get excited about the same things you do.

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I'm self managed and have been on tour for most of this year. It's a great opportunity to learn a heap of great admin skills you can use in your music career plus all the industry knowledge you can soak up from the modules.

Life is an Inside-Out Job

Useful tools for small business like WordPress, Canva, Trello etc. Gave me a better idea of small business management tools. Good place to learn. I got to learn all about the ins and outs of the industry and meet lots of wonderful people. My digital, creative, and interpersonal skills all greatly improved as a direct result of Martine's warm and compassionate guidance. The skills learned and connections made here continue to help me in my day to day work in the music industry. I would tell them it's a wonderful nurturing environment and great place to learn and grow.

There's the simple stuff like how to use WordPress, writing and journalism skills etc, but to me the most important thing I learnt was how to effectively communicate with Industry Pro's and make meaningful connections. I now feel a part of the Brisbane and outer music scene. Being at MIIO also meant learning bits and pieces about other music industry jobs and helped me decide on which one I would most like to work in. I'm currently a Booking Agent at the intimate art-deco live music venue, Studio Confidence, digital skills, time management, team work.

Creating marketing and business ready content. It was really great to get out of my comfort zone and see peers and industry professionals face to face. I found running the Webinars and the content of the webinars themselves really informative! I met new people that I can keep in contact with as I move forward.

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Interning provides a triple whammy of opportunity! Gaining industry knowledge through access to MIIO itself, experience in an industry environment with specific business goals and being managed by someone with a wealth of experience and contacts in the music biz! I've found my online and interpersonal communication skills have improved out of sight since interacting within the music industry.

I've also gained a much more well rounded and coherent understanding of the business and legal sides of music which has allowed me to apply them into my own craft. MIIO has provided me with a sound knowledge in various business, marketing and legal aspects which I've found I have been naturally applying to my own music practice as well as my friends and colleagues. I work a really fun day job which has allowed me to fund my music endeavours and plan to go back to uni and study Marketing at QUT next year!

My experience with MIIO is one I'll take with me throughout my whole life, especially the relationships I made with my fellow colleagues!

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If you're a creative person with an authentic personality and a willingness to contribute you'll definitely be welcomed into the team! SEO, social media and marketing strategies, writing and editing skills and just general music industry knowledge. I would say it's a great way to learn incredibly valuable skills and industry info and to become part of a friendly and helpful community of like-minded people!

Even though I have not pursued a career in music, my work in the not-for-profit sector has benefited from the skills, networks, and mentorship i received at MIIO.

Now I work at Youngcare, a not-for-profit in Queensland who help young people with high care needs exit and avoid entering into inappropriate housing such as aged care. Working under Martine was a dream come true for me. In the Brisbane music industry, she has been someone I have looked up to since we met in What she is doing in the education space for the music industry is incredible, and you will learn so much; when you are at MIIO, you do not just refine the skills needed every day in your career, but you have a mentor who will look out for you and offer guidance in any regard.