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Buy As Gift. Overview PhD candidate Mitch Samuel's life isn't going exactly according to plan: his girlfriend just dumped him to be fair, he did forget to pick her up at the airport , his estranged father has landed in the hospital, and his literary masterpiece-one part Shakespeare, one part Steinbeck, and all parts lyrical epic-has been rejected for the umpteenth time. However, after a chance encounter at Starbucks with the queen of women's fiction- Katharine Longwell-who seems to take a liking to him, he senses an opportunity for literary riches, if not reputation.

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After telling her that his imaginary female cousin is an aspiring chick-lit author, he secures a promise from her that she'll help his "cousin" get published. The only problem is, Mitch needs a manuscript, and fast. Unfortunately, try as he might to get inside a woman's head by reading Vogue and Cosmo , watching Oxygen and Oprah, nothing seems to work.

That's when his roommate Bradley suggests that he try a dance class at the studio where Bradley's sister Marie takes lessons. Self-conscious about his own skills, and unwilling to reveal his true intentions, Mitch attends the first class under an alias: Jason Gallagher, pharmaceutical rep. What could go wrong?

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Who has no idea who he really is. Or that he knows her brother.

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Or why he's there. Suddenly, his novel-writing project is becoming a lot more than he bargained for Product Details About the Author. About the Author Dan Begley is a full-time writer who lives in St. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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Arab Terrorists seething with hate for western democracy are enroute to the United States with Arab Terrorists seething with hate for western democracy are enroute to the United States with blueprints for deadly bombs. They intend to train American student radicals in the fine art of terror, develop malcontents into full-blown assassins. Warning: Do you View Product. The Book of Fate. Brad Meltzer's 1 New York Times bestseller featuring a two-hundred-year-old code devised by Thomas Jefferson and a present-day conspiracy at the highest level of power.

Six minutes from now, one of us would be dead.

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