Manual Retribution (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (Devils Cove, Book 4)

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Fiery Temper. I think we can pick up where we left off. But Cassie is hiding something from me. Not when I think the truth makes me a daddy. We should definitely move in together. Wait, I should backup.

Encyclopedia of American Literature of the Sea and Great Lakes

I moved to Evans Mill to dig into my career. Not to start a family. But resisting Luke Lincoln was next to impossible. You have to see his abs and the eye smolder to understand what I was up against.

Neither of us expected one night of recklessness to make us parents. But it did. How do I stop from falling in love? Sinful Whispers - Scarlett Brooks. Sinful Love - Scarlett Brooks. Hard Love Scarlett Brooks. Jaja Tan Mar 10, at am.

And convince her to marry him. Expand text… Hannah spent ten years raising her younger sister and dreaming about traveling the world. Her first trip, to the Middle East, made her wildest fantasies pale in comparison. Mostly because of Sheikh Kyril, who made her nights burn hotter than any desert day.

Determined to hang on to her newfound freedom for as long as possible, she decides to embark on one final vacation before she returns to Kyril and breaks the news about the baby. So he falls in with her and begins a courtship through dream destinations and lavish pampering. Turns out Catelyn faked the whole wedding with some photoshopped pictures in a desperate attempt to give her fledgling wedding planning business, Elite Occasions, a chance at survival. The Hail Mary worked, and now they have their first client—with a multimillion-dollar wedding to boot. Catelyn is good friends with the owner of the oil company—the perfect way to get an in with the company.

All he needs is a big rock and an even bigger divorce clause to officially marry by his deadline.

The fact that Catelyn is hot as sin only helps matters… Catelyn, however, does not go gently down the aisle, and Rami is forced to threaten the business she and her friends have worked so hard to build. But as their business-only relationship turns decidedly passionate, the two become entangled both in the bedroom as well as in business. This installment is a full-length novel that contains profanity, acts of bondage, domination, and violence. It ends on a cliffhanger. If you do not like dark, racy romance between your pages this book is not for you.

Expand text… 1. So, what could they possibly have in common? Find out how Ezra Carmichael and Lex Grier make a covenant, creating a sphere for both their worlds to harmonize. They made covenant.


What now? Flip the pages to see how Lex and Ezra acclimatize two polar worlds into one. Can that sphere they agreed to harmonize be a safe place for Lex to survive? Find out in "In Love with Ezra". She determined she needed to chart a new course in order to stay true to herself. Perhaps Ezra has been wrong about his gift from above. Maybe Lex has bitten off more than she can chew.

At this fork in the road will they continue their detour, or will they find middle ground and a covenant that keeps them bonded for life?

The Devil and Pastor Gus

Jaja Tan Mar 10, at pm. Only the title and cover have been changed. All other content remains the same. So, here goes. I want you. I notice your eyes when you look at me, too. No questions asked. Think about it. Whatever you choose. British Bedmate - Penelope Ward. An epic tale of devotion and sacrifice spanning thirty years, bidding the characters, as well as readers to ponder the questions… Expand text… What price is too high? What prize too big? What sacrifices too many? But is the cost his soul? Is true love enough when everything that is held dear is on the line?

The Price of Honor - Aleatha Romig. Jaja Tan Mar 11, at am. A loner. Or so town gossip says. I prefer the quiet of the woods to the ramblings of clingy women who think they can tame a wild mountain man. Until Mia. And I love seeing her walk on the wild side. Those four years were the hardest of my life. No woman has held my interest long enough to be worth sacrificing time spent at Ash Lumber, energy spent building the family business. All that changed when Andra walked into our job-site trailer. Her flushed cheeks when we flirt are enough to send me to bed for a week.

My celibate streak is over, and I owe it all to her. AshbrosCmpltColctn - JSnw. Jaja Tan Mar 12, at am. Soaring with Fallon - Kristen Proby. Draden Freeman and his GhostWalker team need to extract the wounded as quickly as possible — or risk spreading a deadly virus unleashed by a terrorist cell.

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When Draden himself gets infected, he forces his team to leave him behind. He intends to find the ones responsible and go out in a blaze of glory. Her enhanced senses tell her that the gorgeous man eradicating the terrorists one by one is a GhostWalker — and his lethal precision takes her breath away. Toxic Game - Christine Feehan. He sent me to Harvard.

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I will never go back there. I will never be the mistake my father made, the way he was the mistake my mother made. She wants me to come back. She says my father needs to be saved. More than I want anything else. Men Made in America Badlands Legend Ruth Langan Author Ruby Ruth Langan Author Badlands Law Ruth Langan Author Blackthorne Ruth Langan Author Pearl Ruth Langan Author Diamond Ruth Langan Author Malachite Ruth Langan Author Dulcie's Gift Ruth Langan Author Jade Ruth Langan Author Conor Ruth Langan Author Briana Ruth Langan Author More filters.

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