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Personal aggrandisement, the attainment of wealth and authority, the humiliation and ruin of their enemies became more and more the objects towards which their occult powers were directed: and thus turned from their lawful use, and practised for all sorts of selfish and malevolent purposes, they inevitably led to what we must call by the name of sorcery. Surrounded as this word is with the odium which credulity on the one hand and imposture on the other have, during many centuries of superstition and ignorance, gradually caused it to be associated, let us consider for a moment its real meaning, and the terrible effects which its practice is ever destined to bring on the world.

Partly through their psychic faculties, which were not yet quenched in the depths of materiality to which the race afterwards descended, and partly through their scientific attainments during this culmination of Atlantean civilization, the most intellectual and energetic members of the race gradually obtained more and more insight into the working of Nature's laws, and more and more control over some of her hidden forces.

Now the desecration of this knowledge and its use for selfish ends is what constitutes sorcery. The awful effects, too, of such desecration are well enough exemplified in the terrible catastrophes that overtook the race. For when once the black practice was inaugurated it was destined to spread in ever-widening circles. The higher spiritual guidance being thus withdrawn, the Kamic principle, which being the fourth, naturally reached its zenith during the Fourth Root Race, asserted itself more and more in humanity.

Lust, brutality and ferocity were all on the increase, and the animal nature in man was approaching its most degraded expression. It was a moral question which from the very earliest times divided the Atlantean Race into two hostile camps, and what was begun in the Rmoahal times was terribly accentuated in the Toltec era. The battle of Armageddon is fought over and over again in every age of the world's history.

No longer submitting to the wise rule of the Initiate emperors, the followers of the "black arts" rose in rebellion and set up a rival emperor, who after much struggle and fighting drove the white emperor from his capital, the "City of the Golden Gates," and established himself on his throne. The white emperor, driven northward, re-established himself in a city originally founded by the Tlavatli on the southern edge of the mountainous district, but which was now the seat of one of the tributary Toltec kings. This king gladly welcomed the white emperor and placed the city at his disposal. A few more of the tributary kings also remained loyal to him, but most transferred their allegiance to the new emperor reigning at the old capital.

These, however, did not long remain faithful. Constant assertions of independence were made by the tributary kings, and continual battles were fought in different parts of the empire, the practice of sorcery being largely resorted to, to supplement the powers of destruction possessed by the armies. From this time onwards things went from bad to worse. The sorcerers used their powers more and more recklessly, and greater and greater numbers of people acquired and practised these terrible "black arts.

'Bloodlust hysteria': sorcery accusations a brutal death sentence in Papua New Guinea

Then came the awful retribution when millions upon millions perished. The great "City of the Golden Gates" had by this time become a perfect den of iniquity. The waves swept over it and destroyed its inhabitants, and the "black" emperor and his dynasty fell to rise no more. The emperor of the north as well as the initiated priests throughout the whole continent had long been fully aware of the evil days at hand, and subsequent pages will tell of the many priest-led emigrations which preceded this catastrophe, as well as those of later date.

The continent was now terribly rent. But the actual amount of territory submerged by no means represented the damage done, for tidal waves swept over great tracts of land and left them desolate swamps. Whole provinces were rendered barren, and remained for generations in an uncultivated and desert condition. The remaining population too had received a terrible warning. It was taken to heart, and sorcery was for a time less prevalent among them.

A long period elapsed before any new powerful rule was established. We shall eventually find a Semite dynasty of sorcerers enthroned in the "City of the Golden Gates," but no Toltec power rose to eminence during the second map period. There were considerable Toltec populations still, but little of the pure blood remained on the mother continent.

On the island of Ruta however, in the third map period, a Toltec dynasty again rose to power and ruled through its tributary kings a large portion of the island. This dynasty was addicted to the black craft, which it must be understood became more and more prevalent during all the four periods, until it culminated in the inevitable catastrophe, which to a great extent purified the earth of the monstrous evil. Only one man has been arrested and charged over any of the dozens of recent incidents.

The director of the foundation, Ruth Kissam, has called for justice.

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Because of his work he was appointed to jointly head a national taskforce, which — like many well-intentioned PNG bodies — has received little to no funding. Since the attack on the young girl the government has launched another task force. From a small and rundown office, Nili says his force does not have the resources to respond.

He has repeatedly requested funding for an investigations desk devoted to sorcery and a dedicated vehicle. Despite this, the lack of resources for police and health providers means emergency situations are frequently left to a grassroots network of first responders such as Lutz and Kissam. For their own protection, the victims were kept in police station cells for three days because there were virtually no support services for them.

Let’s Talk About Sorcery

They have more shocking tales of violence than one would care to hear. Some stories stay with him more than others. At that moment Kangup was travelling home by bus from Wabag but was dropped off at the wrong stop.

She was a grade 12 student with some kind of a speech impediment, so she was hesitating with her answers in a way they took to be suspicious. So they began torturing her too. Lutz received word about the attacks late at night and tried to raise the police. The following morning — more than 24 hours after the torture began — a team of officers arrived, but it was too late for Anton. Kangup was still alive — barely.

Lust and Other Spells Chapter 1, a sorcerer's apprentice, fanfic | FanFiction

She was taken to hospital, but then people yelled through the windows and she received no treatment. Lutz sourced a vehicle and moved her himself that evening. Kangup was still alive when she got medical help, but died almost a week later. The Red Cross focuses on inter-tribal violence , but in the PNG highlands this often involves — or is sparked by — sorcery accusations.

Hasonló könyvek címkék alapján

Like my uncle, or brothers, or father? These contradictions mean those who work to stop the violence work in a strange space that still legitimises sanguma belief. Many who rescue the victims and who seek to educate communities are Christians.

How does someone of one faith tell others their belief is simply superstition? Is that even the most effective way to address it? I think they are talking past each other.

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Back in Togoba, Puri has no answers. Since the murder of his wife and mother, time has passed without consequence or justice.

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Puri still lives in the community where they were killed, with three of his four children. The oldest child, the only one who was likely to remember their mother, died at the age of