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Could they possibly hold the same tantalizing, vaguely illicit appeal they held for my pre-teen self? Spoiler alert: No. But first: What was that appeal? And that makes sense: No high-schoolers would recognize themselves in the denizens of Sweet Valley High—created by mastermind Francine Pascal, but actually written by a team of ghostwriters under the pseudonym Kate William. But to late-elementary or middle-schoolers, SVH represented the glamorous, grown-up, exciting world they could only hope awaited them in the coming years.

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are beautiful, popular, beautiful, exciting, and beautiful. Did I mention beautiful? Their California lifestyle is filled with beach parties, fancy convertibles, romantic dates, salacious gossip, and seemingly weekly school dances and social functions. And the boys! To young girls—and probably some boys, too, whatever, no judgments— SVH was the best sort of fantasy: the kind we ourselves might possibly, just maybe, be able to live out one day. They were also kind of scintillating.

I remembered SVH as very grown-up and almost illicit to my year-old sensibilities. Dear Sister in particular stood out as exceptionally, erm, titillating in my memory.


Revisiting them as an adult, this seems downright laughable; there are some intense make-out sessions—which are often portrayed as the height of scandalous promiscuity—but it never really goes beyond that, at least in any of the books I read. But of course that would seem grown-up and sexy to a kid who had never been kissed and barely understood what sex was. Regina is held hostage! Dana falls in love with a prince!

In stepping out of the realm of rose-colored recollection and into the yellowed-paged present, however, Sweet Valley High loses most of its magic. I dove into the first book, Double Love , with relish, but within a few pages, it became clear that this project was going to be a slog. Witness this representative passage, from Double Love :. Todd watched with a sense of loss as Elizabeth walked away. Global prevalence of diabetes: Estimates for the year and projections for Rizkalla SW. Glycemic index: Is it a predictor of metabolic and vascular disorders?

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Modeling for health care and other policy decisions: Uses, roles, and validity. Value Health. The evaluation of disease prevention and treatment using simulation models. Eur J Oper Res. Methods applied in cost-effectiveness models for treatment strategies in Type 2 diabetes mellitus and their use in health technology assessments: A systematic review of the literature from to Curr Med Res Opin. The cost-effectiveness of interventions in diabetes: A review of published economic evaluations in the UK setting, with an eye on the future.

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Prev Med. Economic costs of diabetes in the US in Trends in breakfast consumption for children in the United States from Trends in breakfast consumption of US adults between and J Am Diet Assoc. Children on the autism spectrum need specific detailed instructions so that they understand the assignment.

Hard exercise and physical work helped. For me, the only thing that really stopped the panic attacks was a low dose of antidepressants. Low doses are essential to prevent side effects such as insomnia and agitation. Many people have found Prozac to be effective. Doing chores teaches elementary school children important skills on doing work for others.

When I was 13, I had my first job two afternoons a week. Below are all the work experiences that I had before I graduated from college. Learning work skills is extremely important and work experiences should start in middle school. They need to do tasks that other people will value. Volunteer work counts as work. My Teenage Work Experience. You need to start working with your child now. The earlier the teaching starts, the better.

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The worst thing you can do with a young autistic child is nothing. Letting your child watch TV all day is really bad. If no services are available, you need to get volunteers to work with your child. Grandmothers and college students majoring in education are good sources of volunteers. Use the social networks you have in your church, synagogue, mosque, or community group to locate people.

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Some people have the ability to work with children with autism and others do not. A young child with autism should have a minimum of 20 hours per week engaged in one to one teaching. An effective teacher will be able to achieve more language, better turn taking skills, and better social interaction. Teach your child words. Play lots of games that involve turn taking. If the child is spinning a penny, turn it into a game of taking turns. When a child gets older, use board games that are suitable for an older child.

Always try to encourage social interaction and eye contact. Use lots of positive reinforcement, smiling and praise. Encourage the child to give you a smile. Use each mealtime to teach social interaction and manners. Structured meals where a child learns social skills are part of a hour week program. Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise.

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Exercise has a calming effect. Cut excess sugar out of their diet. Sugar loaded foods such as Pop tarts or powered sugar donuts are bad. Eating protein, especially at breakfast, really helps one to be calmer, focused, and less likely to get headaches. In my twenties I had severe colitis attacks and sometimes I had to eat yogurt and Jell-O for a week to get over the colitis.

When the colitis got better, I gradually switched back to regular food.

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In my early thirties, I started taking a low dose of anti-depressants to control my anxiety and panic attacks. The medication greatly helped my anxiety and it also cured my colitis. The colitis was caused by my body being in a constant state of stress. I am very concerned that some children with very limited diets may have vitamin deficiencies. Parents should work closely with their pediatrician or other health professional.

Some children do not want to try new things because it is new. You can let your child touch, explore, and play with the new food in the kitchen. Never allow food playing the dining room because it is bad manners. Do it in the kitchen.

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Other tips for the child that will only eat certain take out, fast food, or snack food is to try putting a similar homemade food in the same package. The most important biomedical treatments to try are the special diets. They are most likely to help children who have gastrointestinal problems. They do not work for everybody. A special diet does not cure autism, but in some children, there may be definite improvements. Parents have reported improvements such as more language, less hyperactivity, and fewer tantrums.

I am going to provide a basic overview of diets that can be easily implemented by buying regular food. It does not have to be organic. All fresh fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating. For families on a budget, it is possible to do special diets with economical foods. I have found that greatly reducing the amount of wheat in my diet has helped reduce skin rashes and eczema.

There are three basic types of special diets. A child should always take a good multivitamin. Gluten-free — Wheat is the most important item to remove. Most breads, cakes, and cookies contain wheat. Labels on processed food need to be read carefully to make sure all the gluten is removed. If the diet is going to work, results should become obvious in three months. For example, a gluten-free diet can be done easily with economical foods such as rice, hamburger, fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, beans, potatoes, and dairy products.

Rice cakes, rice noodles, cornbread, corn chips, and corn tortillas can be used as economical bread substitutes. Foods in the dairy class include cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese. If a dairy-free diet is doing to be beneficial, you should see results in one month. Some children who do not tolerate milk can eat plain yogurt that contains active yogurt cultures. I eat lots of Dannon plain yogurt. Some kids need to be off both gluten and dairy. For some children, soy milk is not recommended as a dairy substitute.

Soy products may cause problems in some children. Carbohydrates — All children will benefit if the amount of sugar they eat is limited. If I eat a high carbohydrate breakfast of a sugared cereal, I am dizzy and light headed by 10 AM. A good breakfast containing lots of protein prevents this. Eggs, sausage, and a piece of fresh fruit is what I eat for breakfast. It is better to eat whole fresh fruit instead of juice. This lowers the glycemic index. The specific carbohydrate diet is similar to an Atkins diet.

Complex, starchy carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, and bread are removed. I have found that greatly reducing high glycemic carbs has helped me control yeast infections. Yeast infections often get worse if lots of sugar is consumed.

Effect of diet on type 2 diabetes mellitus: A review

Other Biomedical Treatments — Some of the other biomedical treatments that have scientific backing are fish oil Omega 3 supplements, and B6 and magnesium. The American diet is deficient in Omega 3. Salmon is a good source of Omega 3 and I eat some every week. Some of the other supplements, such as amino acids, may be helpful.

Try one thing at a time. Tyrosine has been shown to have a calming effect in ADHD. Be careful not to take too much. Too high a dose may have a bad effect. SHTP, the precursor of tryptophan may also be helpful. Tryptophan has been shown to have a calming effect on animals. Be very careful in individuals taking antidepressants or St. Antidepressants, St. If the serotonin levels get too high, the result is agitation and insomnia. If a child becomes agitated on these supplements, the dose is too high.

The supplement should be stopped immediately. I have found that probiotics have helped me to control urinary tract and yeast infections. Plain Dannon yogurt has been helpful. There are many probiotic products on the market. The products that have worked best for me have high levels of lactobacillus acidophilus, and bifidobacterium lactis. Melatonin is often helpful as a sleep aid. Many supplements and conventional pharmaceuticals interact with each other.

This is why it is so important to carefully try one thing at a time. When I was in elementary school, the penalty for having a tantrum was to have no TV for one night. That was the rule and it was always enforced. It is essential for the rules to be consistent at BOTH home and school. Parents and teachers must work together otherwise the child may manipulate the parent against the teacher and vice versa. You also need to determine if a behavior problem is caused by pain or sensory over sensitivity.

Hidden painful medical problems must be ruled out. Some common ones are — acid reflex heartburn , constipation, yeast infections, toothaches, and earaches.