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I·CONnect – Brazilian Elections and Demonstrations of June The Rise of Conservatism?

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Brazil: What lies behind the political chaos?

Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. That same day, miles north of the parliamentary chamber in Brasilia, assailants ambushed and killed a married couple whose opposition to environmental crimes had placed them in the crosshairs of those who most stand to gain from the new legislation.

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It sprawls across an area larger than the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico combined. Picture a tropical version of the Wild West, stripped of the romance, where loggers and ranchers muscle their way onto public land as though they own the place and impose a law of the jungle with their hired thugs.

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Those who have the nerve to protest soon find themselves the targets of escalating threats. If they persist, they find themselves staring down the gun barrels of those come to make good on the threats. They were expelled from the board of directors of their cooperative after they accused board members of conspiring with loggers and charcoal producers to sell off majestic, centuries-old Brazil nut trees within the reserve. The cutting of castanha trees is expressly prohibited by Brazilian law. They filed grievances on behalf of neighbors whose land had been invaded, and they exposed the machinations of land grabbers who used phony identities to conceal their criminal dealings.

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Yet their denunciations led nowhere. Along the way, they will pass through towns and cities spreading the gospel of economic liberalism. Kataguiri, like Santos, is a university dropout who has dedicated himself to spreading the message of the Austrian School of Economics in a country that has an overwhelmingly statist approach to economic policy-making.

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  • I·CONnect – Brazilian Elections and Demonstrations of June The Rise of Conservatism?.
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He describes Margaret Thatcher as a reference point for his movement and Rand Paul as the US politician who best represents his values. Half a dozen young activists sit around a large black conference table, poring over their laptops as they attempt to finalise the route, secure provisions and mobilise their supporters. The son of a metal worker from the interior of the state, Kataguiri denied claims the MBL had any wealthy backers, stating that it raised money from donations and selling T-shirts and stickers.

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We would have no problem in being financed by rich people.