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Fillings like fish are used in Bengal while in north India, where parwal is also popular, besan or paneer is more likely.

Cleaning some small gourds

It could just be coincidence or a renaming of an existing dish to sound exotic, but Calcutta has long had links with that region through Greeks, Armenians and Baghdadi Jews who settled there when it was the capital of the British Raj. They were useful since they could be made in advance, served hot or cold, varied depending on community and what ingredients were available and packed for travel.

Whether such dolmas were ever used for smuggling is perhaps something that needs investigating. Want stories like this in your inbox? Sign up for the daily ET Panache newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. Read more on baghdadi jews.

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Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. Add a pinch of moringa to your food: A protein-rich root with a pungent flavour like horseradish.

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From Long Meadow to Bramleys: Irish ciders are a piece of art, yet not popular enough among Indian folklore. Mail This Article. Small pores allow the hot tea to flow into the lower, expanded end of the bombilla, but prevent leaf fragments from entering the straw. African gourds, including shaker gourd with a loose net of Job's tear beads. The job's tear beads come from the perennial grass Coix lacryma-jobi.

References About Gourds Armstrong, W. The Garden of Gourds. American Gourd Society, Inc. Gilead, Ohio. A good summary of the taxonomy and diversity of gourds. Coe, S. Americas First Cuisines. University of Texas Press, Austin. Decker-Walters, D. Walters, C.

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Cowan, and B. Heiser, C. The Gourd Book. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma. A thorough and fascinating account of gourds from throughout the world. Janzen, D. Costa Rican Natural History. The university of Chicago Press, Chicago. Mordecai, Carolyn. A delightful book about the history, cultivation and creative art with gourds.

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Robinson, R. Crop Production Science in Horticulture 6.

Rowley, G. Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents. Strawberry Press, Mill Valley, California. Summit, G. Lark Books, Asheville, North Carolina. A beautifully illustrated book about the history, culture and creative art using ornamental gourds Cucurbita pepo and hardshell Lagenaria gourds Lagenaria siceraria. Category : Bacterial.

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Spread through infected seed, splashing rain, insects and movement of people between plants; bacterium overwinters in crop debris and can survive for 2. Management Use disease-free seed; do not grow plants in field where cucurbits have been grown in the previous 2 years; protective copper spray may help reduce incidence of disease in warm, humid climates; plant resistant varieties.

Dark, angular lesions on leaves; leaf lesions may coalesce and cause severely blighted foliage; water-soaked lesions which enlarge and develop into tan scabs, or blisters, on the fruit; blisters eventually flatten as they reach their full size. Disease can spread rapidly in a field; disease can be introduced through contaminated seed. Management Avoid overhead irrigation; rotate crops away from cucurbit species to prevent disease building up; use new seed each planting as saved seed is more likely to carry bacteria; apply appropriate protective fungicides; copper containing fungicides generally provide good control.

Foliage turning yellow; secondary shoots begin growing prolifically; stems take on a rigid, upright growth habit; leaves are often small in size and distorted, may appear thickened; flowers are often disfigured and possess conspicuous leafy bracts; fruits are small and pale in color.

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  6. Disease is transmitted by leafhoppers and can cause huge losses in cucurbit crops. Management Remove any infected plants from the field to reduce spread; control weeds in and around the field that may act as a reservoir for the phytoplasma; protect plants from leaf hopper vectors with row covers. Plants are severely stunted; foliage is covered in distinctive yellow mosaic; leaves of plant curl downwards and leaf size is smaller than normal; flowers on infected plants may be deformed with green petals; fruits become distorted and are small in size; fruit is often discolored.

    Transmitted by aphids; virus has an extensive host range; can be mechanically transmitted via tools etc. Management Control of the virus is largely dependant on the control of the aphid vectors; reflective mulches can deter aphid feeding; aphid outbreaks can be treated with mineral oils or insecticidal soap applications; some resistant varieties are available.

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    Symptoms vary with variety being grown but plants can show symptoms which include include green veinbanding, mottled leaves, blisters, ring spots or potruding veins at leaf margins; some squash varieties may develop leaf enations; infected plants are often stunted and fruits may be malformed with mottled skin. Virus can be transmitted through infected seed and spread by striped cucumber beetles. Symptoms vary widely depending on species, cultivar, virus strain and environmental conditions; symptoms on leaves may include green mosaic patternation, green vein-banding, chlorotic rings and disfigured leaves.

    Virus is found in almost all Cucurbit growing regions in the world; virus is spread by over 20 aphid species. Management Treatments that control populations of aphid vectors can also reduce the incidence of the virus; spraying plants with mineral oils or insecticidal soaps can help to reduce aphid numbers.

    Category : Oomycete. Sudden wilting of plants; brown lesions on stems and roots; rotting fruit; stunted plant growth; downy growth may be present on lesions during periods of high humidity. Disease emergence favored by heavy rainfall and poorly draining, waterlogged soils.