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If alive, it is forbidden to move the elephant out of the immediate area. The law has several other requirements but the wisest thing to do is if you simply follow the orders of the District Veterinarian Animal Epidemic Disease Law, , Livestock Department. Whenever you take an elephant into an urban area which is subject to municipal regulation, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, etc.

If the police or municipal officials wish to make things difficult for you, you can be charged with violations of traffic laws, laws on public order, laws on cleanliness, laws on destruction of property such as destroying a tree , etc. Keep at least two certified copies of the Registration Certificate in different places, in case one should be lost or destroyed. When at the Registration Office acquiring a Registration Certificate you can request additional copies, which if signed by the Registrar to be correct copies have equal validity as legal documents.

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Extra copies cost only a few baht each and they can save you much money and hassle by avoiding the expenses and problems caused by lost and damaged documents. It is not clever to have a perfectly legal elephant confiscated, even if only temporarily, because a single piece of paper has been lost or misplaced. Keep the original document with fee stamps on the back in a safe place at home. When travelling, carry a certified copy with you; in fact, on the road, where accidents are more likely to happen, it is safest and easiest to have two copies with two different people in the party.

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  6. In the case of a lost certificate, this information will speed up the process of getting a replacement. It is a good idea to buy strong plastic sleeves or envelopes to store these fragile documents. Try not to fold them.

    A microchip is a device inserted into the body of the elephant in order to identify it as an individual. The microchip system has two components, the microchip itself and a reader, a device that can determine the unique code number of a microchip. A microchip is a device that is very small, about the diameter of a grain of rice and about 1 cm long. Inside a glass pellet is a unique code number which is never duplicated.

    Veterinarians usually implant the chip in the back of the left ear.

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    The code usually consists of nine digits or otherwise, as below. Microchips are useful because presently there is only the Registration Certificate which can determine ownership of an elephant, and that document has insufficient details. Consequently, it is possible for illegally captured wild elephants or illegally imported elephants, or for stolen elephants, to be issued a Registration Certificate. Implanting a microchip can prevent such fraudulent registration. Presently both NGOs and government agencies are for free implanting microchips in elephants all over the country.

    If you have registered an elephant and it is stolen and then found, you will get it back. If you are registered, you will never have to prove it is not an elephant illegally brought in from Myanmar.

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    In any case, microchips do not presently play any significant role legally because microchips are not required by law and, further, because although many elephants have been microchipped by many different government agencies and NGOs, there is yet no central database that compiles all of the numbers in one central place.

    Further, the place where chips have been implanted has not been standardized; chips have been placed both behind the ears and in the shoulders on both the right and left sides. Further, the readers are expensive and thus inaccessible to many officials. Plan the journey 2. Prepare the elephant 3. Prepare the vehicle and the necessary equipment 4. Prepare the required documents.

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    Before travelling, the mahout should know following the essential details: the route to be taken, the approximate time of travel, and the destination point. This information is essential so that the elephant is assured of having sufficient food and water while on the road. The easiest thing is to prepare banana tree stalks and other food with high moisture content, as this is more convenient to carry than ordinary food and water.

    Also the mahout or manager should ensure that there is a suitable and easy place for the elephant to board the truck and to disembark from the truck at the destination, especially if the elephant is hard to unload. If the elephant must travel far more than one day , the mahout should know places to buy or find food and water.

    Warning: It is essential to avoid travelling in strong sunlight because the elephant can suffer from such exposure even to the point of death. Though some of these strange creatures look like the enormous, beloved beasts, you'd be shocked to learn that others are also related to the terrestrial giants of today. From the sea cow to the hyrax, here are seven surprising, long-lost relatives of elephants. This four-legged mammal was closely related to manatees, dugongs and the recently extinct Steller's sea cow , but fossils indicate that the pezosiren wasn't as well suited to aquatic life as its relatives were.

    Paleontologists think this long-tailed guy, whose remains were unearthed in the country of Jamaica, existed for a short time between 40 million and 50 million years ago. Pezosiren shared a distant ancestor with elephants, hyraxes and other sea cows. That long-lost creature evolved in Africa and found its way to the New World very early. Scientists hypothesize that an ancestral panungulate may have made the journey by floating across the Atlantic on large rafts of vegetation.

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    Back then, the trip would have been shorter, as the ancient Atlantic was much narrower at that time than it is today. Another descendant of the ancestral panungulate is the manatee Trichechus , found today on both sides of the Atlantic. One species lives in West Africa and two live in the New World: one in the Amazon and the other in rivers and coastlines in Florida. All sea cows, including manatees, evolved from pig-like animals that moved from land into the sea, and the last ancestor they share with elephants lived about 60 million years ago.

    Dugongs Dugong dugon are a marine sea cow and live in tropical waters, from the Red Sea to the coastlines of Australia and New Guinea. Like all panungulates, dugongs are herbivores that share subtle anatomical features, such as cheek bones that tend to flare out and certain characteristics of the bones in their inner ears. Dugongs can grow up to 10 feet 3 meters long and live for a whopping 70 years, according to National Geographic.

    Some historians believe that dugong sightings helped inspire the myth about mermaids and mermen.


    So when it goes missing in the park one day, Elephant is desperate to find it. Her friends come to the rescue and help her search, but all is not as it seems We think it's important for deaf children to see themselves reflected in the books they read and to know they can do anything their hearing friends can do. So we've created the perfect book for young children with deaf characters they can identify with and that hearing children can learn about.